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MSD and SDM Boy/Girl/Fairy FCS

Mini Super Dollies were discontinued from standards and limited releases. After that, the only place to order them was at Tenshi no Sato or Tenshi no Mado. In their place available at all Sato, Mado, and Sumika locations is Super Dollfie Midi. As of Jun 2014, SDM was offered at Tenshi no Sato. In September 2015, SDM became available at all FCS locations. Mini Super Dollfies were completely discontinued on January 31, 2017. The Super Dollfie Midi features a slightly more slender form than the older MSDs and double joints. Heads are compatible with both bodies.

Please use the nav bar on the left to view the available options, and further explore the differences between the SDM and MSD bodies.

Last Available Price for MSD before Being Discontinued:
Japan Mado/Sato: 49,000yen before tax.

Note: With the June 2018 renewal of FCS, there are now three price points corresponding to makeup options. The price for Recommended Makeup corresponds with the previous price for a FCS Super Dollfie.

Price for SDM:
Japan Mado/Sato/Sumika:
No Makeup: 40,000yen before tax.
Recommended Makeup: 50,000yen before tax.
Order Makeup: 78,000yen before tax.
Note: The price is the same whether you order from Mado, Sato, or a Sumika. There is no price increase for Sato FCS.

Skintone Colour:
Note: Please see here for a very clear comparison of the three skintone colours available, with thanks to Leigh for the picture.
Extra Note: 'Normal' has occasionally been referred to as 'Fresh', and 'White' has occasionally been referred to as 'Snow' -- so if you come across these names elsewhere, that is what they are referencing. However 'Normal' and 'White' are the official Volks names for them. 'Sunlight' is occasionally called 'kasshoku' (褐色) by the Japanese fans (it literally just means 'brown') but is almost universally in Japanese and English simply called 'Sunlight'.

SC-01: Normal

SC-02: White

SC-03: Sunlight